Solve IT


Healthcare Business Consulting Services

Solve IT offers a broad range of services focused on improving the business operations of a healthcare practice. These services, provided in conjunction with our technology solutions, offer a comprehensive approach to increasing the efficiencies and associated financial results of the practice. Our healthcare business consulting services include the following areas:

Practice Operations

  • Assess, develop, and document office processes and procedures
  • Ensure employees are cross trained and working as a team
  • Review HIPAA procedures and ensure compliance
  • Develop and deliver employee training in all areas of practice operations

Financial Operations

  • Assess insurance contract terms and conditions based on practice specialty
  • Review insurance contracts to ensure payments made according to contract and within contractual time frames
  • Develop patient procedure costs for use in insurance contract negotiations
  • Analyze financial results for the practice based on industry and practice specialty benchmarks

Billing and Collections

  • Streamline billing processes to ensure efficient and accurate billing in order to reduce claim denial
  • Review accounts receivable to determine if collection days are within MGMA guidelines
  • Set-up and implement process for collection of overdue accounts
  • Review structure and procedures of billing team


  • Office layout and design including new building planning




Scheduling and Patient FLow

  • Review process, procedures, and templates to ensure efficient patient scheduling and flow during office visits in order to maximize physician’s clinical time
  • Review structure of back office to ensure employee efficiency
  • Design patient satisfaction surveys
  • Conduct patient satisfaction surveys

Computer and communication Systems

  • Evaluate current computer and communication systems based on functional needs of the practice
  • Facilitate the analysis, selection, and contract negotiation of new/additional systems
  • Manage the implementation of new systems including practice personnel, software/hardware vendors, and technical support team
  • Develop and deliver employee training on systems