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Solve IT specializes in healthcare IT.

Maximize Your Technology Investment

Your company has made, or is considering making, a strategic investment in implementing technology solutions to address and streamline your business needs. Effectively implementing and supporting these solutions can be extremely challenging for any business. Solve IT understands these challenges and can help your company get the most from its investment in technology.

Business Focused Technical Expertise

At Solve IT, we have the expertise and experience your company needs in order to maximize your investment in technology. Our project management and engineering staff have extensive knowledge of the core technologies
that serve as the foundation of these systems. Our team will work with your business to understand your specific needs and provide the necessary level of implementation and support services including:

  • Business & Technology Assessment – Review your current operations and technical infrastructure in order to develop a comprehensive plan based on your business needs.
  • Network Stabilization – Implement the necessary changes and technologies to establish a stable working environment for your company.
  • System Integration – Integrate all of your associated systems to effectively work together in your business.
  • On-going Support & Maintenance – Provide a customized level of service to ensure the continued operation of your systems including help desk, 24x7 monitoring, and after-hours maintenance.
  • Technology Planning & Management – Provide on-going oversight of the necessary technology initiatives based on your company’s revolving business needs.

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