Mytech Partners Acquires Solve IT

Solve IT’s relationship with Mytech started nearly a decade ago through an industry peer group called Heartland Technology Group (HTG). HTG provided a foundation of trust, sharing and mutual respect that over the years developed into our organizations partnering together and eventually led to the acquisition that became effective on April 1st 2015. Please reference the press release here.

The team in Denver will remain the same moving forward. We value the relationships we have developed with you, and plan on continuing to foster and invest additional resources in these relationships as we move forward.

In the short-term you will see very few changes. For the next few months, the means of contacting Solve IT will remain the same. We are currently working behind the scenes to improve patching, anti-virus, backup management, and other remote services. As we complete the integration of our support systems and processes, we will work to deliver faster, more personalized support by leveraging smaller teams within our organization. While we want to deliver the benefits associated with resources of a larger organization, we want to give the experience of support built on personal relationships between your staff and ours. When we make changes that may impact your experience and offer additional options with regard to the way you request or receive support, you will be notified by our team.

Our Account Management team will be working with all of our customers on an individual basis to explore additional programs that are offered by Mytech. Our vision is to “Provide the best IT experience in North America” and we need to work together to identify the best program that will deliver that experience for you. Mytech has also developed customized IT budgeting and planning tools that enable our Account Management team to provide detailed visibility to your leadership team regarding your infrastructure. These tools are a part of helping our customers focus on “Above the Line” initiatives that can drive their business forward by improving the way they leverage technology over time. We look forward to personally engaging with every customer in the coming weeks and months to answer any questions you may have and to work towards achieving your goals

Thank you in advance for your patience as Solve IT makes the transition to Mytech Denver. Please contact Patti Gustafson or Lance McGinn at the Mytech – Denver office (303-800-9300) if you have any questions or concerns.